And they all lived happily ever after.

The time has come to close the book on Ordinary People, Extraordinary Stories. For those who don't know the face behind this, I'm Jess (that'd be me ^) - I usually write over at Ordinary Girl, Extraordinary Dreamer. I started this little project as a place to give voice to others, where real people could... Continue Reading →

Chapter XXIV: Maura & Terry

Meet Maura & Terry. Bloggers at TravelKiwis Facebookers at TravelKiwis Instagrammers at @travelkiwis Twitterers at @travelkiwis This is their story...   We are a couple who rediscovered travel at 50 after raising three beautiful sons.  You will find us walking city streets as tourists, walking dogs as house-sitters and drinking coffee in cafes as locals.... Continue Reading →

Chapter XXIII: Shayleene

Meet Shayleene MacReynolds. Blogger at The Wild Heart of Life Facebooker at Shayleene MacReynolds Instagrammer @hayshaybay This is her story...   I’m a Blogger out here in Southern California.  My blog is a travel blog, that walks a fine line between travel stories, and my inability to stop myself from commenting on political/social ongoings of the... Continue Reading →

Chapter XXII: Callie

Meet Callie Dixon. Blogger at River + Quill Instagrammer @riverandquill Facebooker at River + Quill This is her story...   My story. They tell us in school that stories have a beginning, middle and end. We grow up reading about these heroes who come across a great obstacle, overcome, and make an impossible difference. I am... Continue Reading →

Chapter XXI: Rachelle

Meet Rachelle Glenn. Life coach at Rachelle Glenn Life Coaching Instagrammer at @rachelle.glenn This is her story...   A couple of months ago, I had a contractor over to my home to give me some repair estimates. While he worked, we had a little bit of small talk: where we were from, what we did... Continue Reading →

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