Chapter XXI: Rachelle

Meet Rachelle Glenn. Life coach at Rachelle Glenn Life Coaching Instagrammer at @rachelle.glenn This is her story...   A couple of months ago, I had a contractor over to my home to give me some repair estimates. While he worked, we had a little bit of small talk: where we were from, what we did... Continue Reading →


Chapter XX: Alan & Flo

Meet Alan & Flo. Bloggers at Oats Abroad Instagrammers at @oatsabroad This is their story...   The extraordinary story we can think of is the way we met - Alan was born in Capetown, South Africa and Flo in Düsseldorf, Germany. Flo was backpacking through Australia and ended up in Sydney, working in a bar... Continue Reading →

Chapter XIX: Meg

Meet Meg. Blogger at Foote Out The Door Instagrammer at @footeoutthedoor This is her story...   My goal was to see 30 countries by my 30th birthday. I’m currently 31 years old with 37 countries under my belt. Now I have a goal to reach the same number of countries as my age on the turn of... Continue Reading →

Chapter XVIII: Zachary

Meet Zachary Thomas. Blogger at The Quarterrican Facebooker at Zach the Quarterrican Instagrammer at @thequarterrican This is his story...   My name is Zach. I am 21 years old. I am Puerto Rican…but I didn’t always say that about myself. Looking at me, you would never guess it. People tell me I don’t ‘look Puerto... Continue Reading →

Chapter XVII: Derek

Meet Derek Hartman. Travel blogger at Robe Trotting Facebooker at Robe Trotting Twitterer at @Derekparty1 Instagrammer at @robe_trotting This is his story...   There was a time when I would joke that people shouldn’t celebrate Independence Day outside of the original 13 colonies. I grew up outside of Philadelphia, the birthplace of America, so July 4th... Continue Reading →

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