Developing as an offshoot from my blog Ordinary Girl, Extraordinary Dreamer, I wanted to find a way to not only tell my story, but to give a voice to everyone else’s, too.

We live in a time of social media, oversaturated with “perfect” images of “perfect” lives. But beneath the shiny veneer of edited images and carefully crafted captions, there are real people. Real human beings who feel the pressure to put a filter on their ordinary lives to make them more exciting. So this is, pure and simple, a platform for every ‘ordinary’ person to voice their extraordinary stories. Because once we take the filters off, you’ll find that we all have them.

Taking inspiration from modern documentarians and projects like Humans of New York and NoLa Beings (who give a real voice to the every day faces of their cities) and Seph Lawless (who captures with brutal honesty the state of once-great cities and monuments that have now fallen from grace), as well as photographers like Zoe Leonard and (much older) Eugene Atget (who have been able to authentically capture ordinary moments forever), this is my way of contributing to the documentary of this time that is my present and will some day, inevitably, become history.

And the most important thing to preserve, I think, is the every day, ‘ordinary’ people, who we find out actually aren’t so ordinary after all…


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