Chapter V: Natasha

Meet Natasha Zaplatina. Instagrammer at @adventuresoftherussianspy This is her story...   I was born in Russia, and moved to Ireland when I was 18. Travelling has always been my biggest passion! I love the exhilaration of being in an unknown place, experiencing different cultures and learning new things. Living in Europe all my life, I’ve... Continue Reading →

Chapter IV: Kate

Meet Kate. Blogger at Mindfoodly Author of You Are Not Alone Instagrammer at @mindfoodlyau This is her story... We are a husband and wife who know firsthand the devastating effects of living with an eating disorder. Together, we created Mindfoodly, a blog and online community that documents our experience recovering from an eating disorder and furthers... Continue Reading →

Chapter III: Penny

Meet Penny Kafkalakis. Educator & small business owner at School of Autonomy and Mind Fit Connection Instagrammer at @schoolofautonomy and @mindfitconnection Facebooking at School of Autonomy and Mind Fit Connection and Penny Kafkalakis This is her story... When people see me walking down the street, they do not see the story behind the person I have become, and where I... Continue Reading →

Chapter II: Monica

Meet Monica Mignone. Blogger and small business owner at Balance by Monica Author of soon-to-be-released cookbook BALANCE Instagrammer at @balancebymonica This is her story...   Upon leaving high school, I, like many others, had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life. What I did know, however, was that no matter what I... Continue Reading →

Chapter I: Lisa

Meet Lisa Sutherland. Blogger at The Genuine Article Instagrammer at @thegenuinearticle_ This is her story.   I believe that my story is very much a work in progress. I feel as though I have lived a few different lives already. My labels include daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend; but I’m so much more. I’m still... Continue Reading →

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