Now that you’ve seen some other stories and felt how powerful they are not only to you as a reader, but also to the people who wrote them, we hope you’ll consider adding yours 🙂

Anyone and everyone is encouraged and invited to contribute their stories to this site and the community – any gender, any age, any race, profession, persuasion or religion – we’d love to her from you all! We do, however, have a few guidelines to keep in mind…

  • Absolutely no racism, sexism, discrimination or nastiness of any kind will be tolerated.
  • At this time, submissions written in English are preferable, even if it isn’t your first language – you don’t need perfect grammar to tell your story 🙂
  • Any vulgar or offensive language will be removed from submissions.
  • While we understand that a lot of peoples’ work and businesses are big parts of their stories, please keep in mind that this is a story sharing space, not a marketing platform.

With that bit of housekeeping out of the way, what we are looking for is honesty. Genuine stories; that’s all. There is no template or example of what your story should look like, but as a guide, I’ve listed some questions and prompts below; answer one and elaborate, answer ten and digress, answer them all. Some might be easy to answer, many will be difficult or confronting. But hopefully they’ll all be able to draw your story out and into immortal words. If you’d also like to submit a few photos along with your story, please do – old or new, but preferably unposed! And if you have any more questions before you put your story together, click on through to our FAQs!

And once you’re happy with what you’ve written, please email your story to with the subject line “SUBMISSION + your name”

** If you would prefer to submit your story anonymously/without your name published, just let us know when you email your submission **

So, are you ready to tell your story now? What is it?

What do people not realise about you when they see you walking down the street? What are the conclusions people usually come to about you, and how right or wrong are they?

What are your battles? The ones you’re currently fighting? The ones you’ve overcome?

What are your wins? Your major achievements? What dreams have you made come true? What dreams have passed you by?

What are the important relationships in your life? The ones that have made you and broken you?

What were your dreams back when you didn’t believe there were limits? What are your dreams now?

How different is the life you’re living to the life you imagined you’d have? How similar is it?

What are your loves and passions? What gets you out of bed in the morning? Why?

What are your fears? Why?

What makes you YOU?

What has come easy for you? What have you had to work and fight for? Was it worth it?

What does happiness mean to you? Success? Love? Pain?

What other parts of the world have you seen? How far and wide have you roamed? What did your adventures teach you? Where do you still want to go?

How do you feel about the concept of “family?” What does it mean for you?

Do you believe in a ‘greater good’? A force greater than yourself?

How do you connect with others? How has that changed over time? What do you think has the greatest power to connect us as people?

Who and what has influenced you and your life? How?

What have you seen that’s stayed with you? What do you wish you could forget?

What are your thoughts about your generation and the world you grew up in? What will you remember about the ‘good old days’ 20 years from now? The world you currently live in?

What are your hopes for the world? For humanity?

What do you wish people knew about you and your life? What legacies or stories do you want to leave behind? How do you want to be remembered?

I am…

What is your extraordinary story?


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